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Recycling and Refuse Parts

0461-02984   WR Door Rod Guide Block

0461-05469   RT12 Ram Side Guide Bearing

0461-01121   UHMW Gross Beam Bearing

0461-01122   UHMW Guide Bearing

0461-01718   RT6 Cross Shaft Bearing Block

0461-03012   RT12 Ram Carrier Bearing

0461-03013   RT12 Ram Guide Bearing

0461-03034   Center Shoe Horn Center Bearing Guide

0461-03035   RT12 Cross Beam Guide Bearing

0461-05337   RT6 Linkage Support Block

0461-05321   RT12 Ram Center Guide Bearing

0461-30577   PRT-6/10 Ram Carrier Bearing

0461-30578   PRT-6/10 Center Guide Bearing

0461-04142   Parks Pak-Ram Bearing Blocks

0462-01941   CD4RA Track Bearing

0462-01942   CD4RA Slide Bar Guide Bearing

0462-02015   RT-6710 Bearing Block

0462-05237   UHMW Face Plate Pivot Set

0462a02015   Bearing Block

0462-02854   RL6/8.5 Lower Eject Bearing

0406-02855   RL6/8.5 Upper Eject Bearing

0406-02858   RL6 A-2858 Compactor Slide Bearing

0406-02859   RL6 A-2859 Compactor Slide Bearing

0465-02725   UHMW Bearing Ram Center

0465-02726   UHMW Bearing Ram Slide

0465-02727   UHMW Bearing Follower

30408          UHMW Roller



1/2" Rub Shoes

5/8" Rub Shoes

Rub Shoe No Hole


Multi Groove Center Disc. Small Hole

Multi Groove Center Disc. Large Hole

5th Wheel Liner, One Piece

Multi Groove Liner

Multi Groove T-Lock

Multi Groove Air Scale

Multi Groove Hydraulic or Electric

Comp Bushings with Hole

Comp Bushing w/out Hole

Bunk Stake Bushing

Reach Cradles

Marine Parts

Dock Rollers

Bang Boards


Trailer Skids


Cutting Board